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| IraMin Money-back guarantee terms |


In this section is reviewed the iraMin money-back guarantee terms and related conditions are being checked.

Most of the sales in iraMin are done in the natural way, but if the problem is likely arise in the process of purchase, iraMin Money-back guarantee terms ensures that buyers can receive their customized product or receive the payment amount for the purchased goods . Buyers can use Money-back guarantee terms in following conditions:

        When buyer has not received the ordered good.

        When buyers has receive the good that is different from described goods in the inventories list on the iraMin site.


Terms of coating the back-money services

All financial transactions which are done via the iraMin web are covered by Terms of the back-money guarantee.

Covered items

Made Purchases on iraMin site are covered by iraMin money-back guarantee terms just the time that all the following items are true. Including:

The goods have not been received or it does not not match those in inventory list of iraMin site.

The buyer declares that he has not received the good.

The buyer has purchased through by one of the following methods of payment:


        PayPal Credit, banks merchant

        Debit Card or Credit Card

The payment of related good is done through a single payment way (for example payment is made only by PayPal)

Cases not including the coverage

1. Buyer is regretted for any reason from receiving the good.

2. Requesting two times or by other ways of deciding.

3. The main goods is transported or sent to another place.

4. purchased goods can not be changed or replaced (such as eBooks, concert tickets, discount cards, gift cards, physical and virtual ones, music, downloaded files, etc, or goods of arts and culture groups, Sports and entertainment, toys, perfumes, cosmetics or consumer goods such as ink cartridges and printer)

5.In General, the buyer is responsible for acceptance and confirmation of sent goods for him. If the buyer refuses delivery of the shipping goods, his complaint will not be eligible on IraMin Money-back guarantee terms

In coordination with iraMin support services, the buyer is obliged to use interception -able solutions such as valid-post and so on to return the product, otherwise iraMin doesn't need to prove the shipment of returned good by the buyer and the possibility of its being delivered or not, in these circumstances, the buyer is responsible for paying the related fee and if the product is not delivered, the buyer is responsible of damages and subsequently it will not include IraMin Money-back guarantee terms


The buyer can prove that the product is damaged goods or it does not exist in the sent package by showing the document that he has taken from transport section.

Buyer has opened the package just to ensure that it is not empty.

Proving the Broken link of downloadable product and in the case of not having the replaced or substituted product.

When the good does not match the descriptive list on site

 If the buyer receives the good that doesn't match the descriptive list on iraMin site, he can declare the request of goods return. IraMin Site understands the buyers concern and should offer a solution or accept the request of return or or send  the replaced product or refund the paid amount.

When the product has been returned to iraMin

The buyer must pack the returned goods like the time of receiving it and send to iraMin and iraMin is obliged to accept the returned goods (after accepting the return by iraMin).

Paying the cost of returning the goods is responsibility of iraMin and iraMin pays all lateral costs related to returning the goods except the stipulated conditions in the part related to iraMin laws of returning the goods.

After confirming the return of the product by iraMin, the iraMin site returns the total amount of goods and primer shipping cost via PayPal to the buyer except cases that don't include the cost of returning the goods related to iraMin laws of returning the goods.

 When the buyer himself does the process of shipping  the returned goods or he personally delivers the goods , the iraMin site won't return the shipping cost or primer sending to the buyer.

In coordination with iraMin support services, the buyer is obliged to use interception -able solutions such as valid-post and so on to return the product, otherwise iraMin doesn't need to prove the shippment of returned goods by the buyer and the possibility of not  being delivered of goods, in these circumstances, the buyer is responsible for paying the related fee and if the product is not delivered, the buyer will be responsible for damages and subsequently will not be included in IraMin Money-back guarantee terms

When the goods will not be returned to iraMin or there is no need to return it

In some cases, it may not be necessary to return the good because of iraMins demand in this condition, the amount of goods is returned to the buyer.

Some of these conditions are:

        iraMin doesn't accept the request of goods return because of internal problems or returning the good is postponed to another date.

        The Place of returning the goods is changed.

        Transfer of goods is associated with risks.

        Item is not valuable (for example, tickets to attend an event that has been canceled).

Fake goods

If the buyer is suspicious to authenticity, there are many signs that indicate the product is counterfeit and it needs to return goods to iraMin, In this case, the total paid amount for the goods and the total cost of initial shipment will be returned to the buyer.

If the buyer changes the delivered good with other good and intends to return it ,in the event of proven fraud by the buyer , all expenses will not include iraMin money-back guarantee terms and also the possibility of  suspension and disabling this type of account is reserved for iraMin

Timetable of iraMin money-back guarantee

If the buyer has not received the product after the notified estimated date from iraMin or 20 days after the last estimated date, he can report it. And certainly will be subjected to the part related to, iraMin money-back guarantee terms.

 IraMin is obliged to answer this request of the goods return within 3 working days.

If iraMin offers to Refund the payment, the buyer should receive the relevant funds within 7 working days of goods delivery.

If iraMin offers a replaced good but it has not been sent in 9 working days from the date that the buyer has returned and delivered the goods to site, he has the opportunity to request help or withdraw 15-30 working days.

Added timing for coverage through the iraMin money-back guarantee terms

 In some very limited circumstances, time may be increased when the buyer uses iraMin money-back guarantee terms. This additional time will provide this possibility that the position of the buyer, the type of used services to transfer the goods, increased time by iraMin to deliver the returned goods, holidays or delays because of conditions such as natural disasters, emergencies, workers strike or government actions or other circumstances are considered as fraud.

Refunds to buyers

Refund will be returned through PayPal to the buyers. If a buyer doesn't have PayPal user account, he will be requested to make a PayPal account by his email address on iraMin site, to be refunded. Otherwise the refund through PayPal is not possible and at the discretion of iraMin and deduction of bank fees from the total of refunded amount, the rest will be transferred to his bank account, but he can be offered by alternatives, he has been given the opportunity to buy something else from the iraMin site equal to his payment.

Other methods for solving problems

Buyers can't use more than one way to get their amounts. When a solution process is chosen (iraMin money back guarantee or request Refund the amounts from provider of transaction) the buyer must only use that selected process to get its own payment. If the buyer does the request to refund payment from service provider or, requests  through PayPal protection conditions, then any request that through the iraMin money-back guarantee terms for the same transaction has been provided is closed quickly.

Counterfeit Allegations (fake)

The cases that include counterfeit allegations are:

        Buyer makes too much requests or uses other applications.

        Buyer requests to re-payment while he has received the amount.

Users who are in the above listed conditions are subjected to violations of iraMin User Agreement. In addition, iraMin site reserves this right for own to suspend covering of the buyer in terms of the money-back guarantee iraMin.

Other cases

Buyers have allowed to the iraMin site to obtain final decisions about all cases of such appeals.

Access to the buyer's name, User ID, contact information and other informations associated by the user is permitted to iraMin site.


IraMin money-back terms is not considered as a product guarantee.