The rules of returning the goods

| The rules of returning the goods |

Customers' convenience and satisfaction has always been the IraMin priorities and IraMin is trying any order to reach the consumer in good and expected condition. Despite this, it is possible respected customers face some cases after the purchase that such cases have been intended in after-sales services.

Due to the span of provided good groups on the iraMin website, all products must reach to the consumer healthy. ( like goods of arts and culture groups, Sports and entertainment, toys, perfumes, cosmetics or consumer goods such as ink cartridges and printer). they have  authenticity and physical health guarantee and are not subjected in 9 days testing time and returning. As well as items that have been sent as gifts with the order by iraMin and in the sales invoice has been written with zero value, are not subjected in the 9-day replacement guarantee. For other goods that need the test period, iraMin is considered 9 days period of testing and returning.

Terms of returning the goods

What conditions does 9 days returning guarantee have?

1. If the purchased goods has technical problem.

2. Technical failure must be notified up to 9 working days after delivery of the goods to iraMin. After a period of 9 days, in case of approval of your claim about failure or malfunction and so on, by iraMin teams, the buyer has to reach the goods to IraMin up to 48 hours (for national customers) and 9 working days for the others.

3. customers have to maintain the original pack of goods until the end of 9 days, and abstain from removing it.

4. Using this service is only possible when the product is in its original pack or box to return to iraMin and also labeling or writing comments, address or any other cases on the original box or tearing and defacing it will remove the possibility of return guarantee and  subsequently, the buyer will incur losses.

5. This service does not include Technical and visual problems (fractures, scratches and the like on the product body and decorative pieces) that are made by illegal and improper use after delivery of the goods, such as transport and mobility, installation, configuration, unusual use, unusual maintenance and different use of product (listed in the product manual).

6. The goods doesn't match with what is in the inventory list of iraMin site.

7. If the purchased good has physical and visible defect, in this case must be notified to After sales service unit via phone, email within 24 hours after receiving of the goods.

8. If the conflict is visible without using the product, such as color or printed specifications on the body, the good must be in its original condition and it should not have  been used.

 9. If the conflict detection is possible without opening the package, the product must not be removed from its original state or package.

10. If conflict detection is possible only by opening the package, the original box of product must be stored and not being throwed out.

11. If the buyer withdraws from his purchase would not be included in this rule.

12. If  the purchased goods  hasn't been sent up to 9 days or more, must be notified to the iraMin related unite as soon as possible.

13. If the goods is sold with a gift, it is also required to return the gift with it.

 14.In case of cancellation of purchase, the payment of returning is by the buyer and the package must be in its first shape and it must be returned up to 9 working days.

Note: Please notice that any change in the initial condition of the product, even in packing will eliminate the possibility of using this service.

Also For more information, refer to page of Instructions of returning the purchased goods

If damage has been caused because of shipping:

Damage should be notified to iraMins after-sales service within 24 hours after receipt of the good.

According to standard and safe packing of all packagesy and deliver to each reputable transport company with selection of user With Export Bill of Lading means the occurrence of any accidents during transport and delivery is the responsibility of shipping company and iraMin compensates the damage to facilitate the pursuit just by the approval of carrier company.

The buyer has to keep the original carton of good. Using this service is possible if the product in its original carton or box to be returned to iraMin and also labeling or writing comments, address or any other cases on the original box or tearing and defacing it will remove the possibility of return guarantee

Damaged goods and all accessories should be sent in a form that the buyer has received with Official minutes of carriers company and invoice to iraMin After-sales service.

For more information, refer to The Shipping Rules.

Terms and responsibilities related to the sale of cosmetic and hygienic products

Informations of any cosmetic and hygienic products on the IraMin website is purely for informing and has no advice aspect. Buyer must receive professional informations and advices from experts before using cosmetic and hygienic products. Also, Member comments on the product's website or other sites are their personal experiences or informations and does not create responsibility for them and IraMin. Also IraMin hasn't responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on the product package, and its responsibility is by the commodity of manufacturer.

In case of lack of awareness, knowledge and customers inability to use the cosmetics or hygienic products or damaging the product or customer, all the responsibilities are for the customer and he can withdraw from the purchase or agree that IraMin has no commitment in this regard.

If  being defective of the product is approved by the Supplier Company or Producer Company, IraMin only returns the cost of product or service to the customer according invoice (up to one month after the date of invoice).
IraMin hasn't any responsibility and accountability for physical symptoms and diseases caused by the use of cosmetic products (such as skin reactions, injuries, etc.). You also declare your agreement to carry out the necessary follow-up by the buyer himself (customer) must be done through the related companies (agents and official Suppliers of goods).

How to return the product?

Please contact with After-sales services support experts before any action.

Avoid the shipping of the goods without coordination with iraMin After-sales service or without experts approval of the buyers claims, seriously.

You can upload the photos related  to purchased goods as the necessary documentation  to return the goods via e-mail or other methods that will be considered in the future. You can send up to a maximum 10 photos by PNG, JPEG, or GIF formats. Note that the size of each photo must not be more than 5 MB. It is worth mentioning, until the process of returning the goods hasn't finished, you can send photos. Remember that removing these images is just possible by contacting iraMin customer service.

To return, the good should be packed in its original carton or box and accessories and all associated items such as cables, remote control, batteries, manual book, warranty card, insurance card, strap and packing parts should be sent with the main item.

Labeling or writing comments, messages or problems, address or any other cases on the carton or original box or tearing and defacing it, will eliminate the possibility of using return guarantee. (If necessary, description and so on, write on a separate piece of paper.)

Send your message, explain or problems with the product, along invoice.

 If the product has been gift and the invoice hasn't been sent by the buyer's request, print the emailed pre-invoice, or send order codes and details of your purchases to the support team

 If you are living in other countries, use the international or local post companies (depending on the span of post companies services) to restore the goods.

It is worth mentioning only if the problem is from iraMin service, return cost is the responsibility of the site, otherwise costs to restore the goods are the responsibilities of the buyer, and the site is not liable for these costs.

Avoid from writing the address on the original box or pack, and if necessary, place the goods inside another box for more protect, and send it.

Within 9 working days after approval by iraMin your claim base on the failure or malfunction, and so on, you must send the goods for iraMin.

Send your package to the address: -------------------------- Code post- -------------- - iraMin after sale service.

Note: if the confirmation of buyer claims in connection with the "rules of goods return " from iraMin and prove it, at all stages of returning the goods, the costs of returning will be responsibility of the buyer, except the conditions set forth below and returning costs are responsibilities of iraMin.

When you have not received the ordered goods.

If the buyer receives the good that doesn't match the descriptive list on iraMin site, the buyer can declare the request of goods return. IraMin Site understands the buyers concern and should offer a solution and accept the request of return or send replaced product or refund the paid amount

If the purchased good has technical defect.

How shipping costs are calculated?

If a technical problem, an existance of technical aversion or defect of physical appearance approved by iraMin after-sales service experts, sending cost is by iraMin. Also in the time of restoration of goods you can track the goods receiving by iraMin.

If the buyer is suspicious to authenticity, there are many signs that indicate the product is counterfeit and it is required to return it to iraMin, In this case, the total paid amount for the goods as well as the total cost of initial shipment will be returned to the buyer.

IraMin shall return to you within 7 working days from date of receipting the returned goods, and refund the amount of goods. If you have requested for replacement of goods, the iraMin is obliged to return the goods within 9 working days from the date of receipting and send the replaced good for you.

To pay the post cost to the buyer's account, stamped postal bill of the company's post should be sent along with the goods to iraMin company.

In case of cancellation of purchase, or not confirming the defect by iraMin experts, the cost of sending, receiving and re-buying the product, is by the buyer.

When the transaction is canceled, to refund the buyer, refund will be done only through PayPal and transfer of funds will be done by PayPal to your account, Otherwise at the discretion of iraMin and deduction of bank fees from the total of refunded amount, the rest of it will be transferred to buyrs bank account. Money-back guarantee terms and shipping Rules.

How would be the process of consideration to the request of the buyer when the product is returned?

The buyer must pack the returned goods like the time of receiving it and send it back and iraMin is obliged to accept the returned goods.

After receiving and acceptance of the goods by iraMin, depending on the type of good and the problem stated by the buyer, final testing of after-sales service experts will take between 24 to 48 hours.

When the buyer alone does the process of  shipping  the returned good or he personally delivers it , the iraMin site won't return the shipping cost or primer sending to him.

In coordination with iraMin support services, the buyer is obliged to return the product by using interception -able solutions such as valid-post and so on, otherwise iraMin doesn't need to prove the shipment of returned goods by the buyer and the possibility of being delivered or not. In these circumstances, the buyer is responsible for paying the related fee and if the product is not delivered , the buyer is responsible of it and subsequently will not include IraMins Money-back guarantee terms.

IraMin After-sales service expert checks and controls declared defect by the buyer. If defect is approved by iraMin experts, the product will be replaced or buyer can replace it with another model.

Note: It should be noted that the exchange of good is upon to the availability of it in stock of the company. If during the investigation and during the testing process expertise and measures to replace, the product is given out; iraMin based on the buyer's choice sends another good or returns goods funds to the buyer's account. Obviously, if you select another item, the price difference of new good with the returned one(the amount listed on the invoice) is calculated before sending settlement. For more expensive goods, the buyer pays the difference and for cheaper goods, iraMin deposits the difference to the buyer's account.

Completion of goods inventory and price changes in the exchange period,does not create rights for the purchaser, and iraMin does not have any commitments to supply the same good with the same price, and only accepts obligation of reimbursement the goods inserted in invoice of the buyer.

After receiving and acceptance of the goods by iraMin, depending on the type of goods and the problem stated by the buyer, final testing of after-sales service experts will take between 24 to 48 hours.

Technical specialists of After-sales services require to follow the standards and guidelines and issued procedures by the manufacturers company or licensed agencies of goods and offered goods on the iraMin site, to test the products. So despite thinking that the testing  (even for too clear defects) can be done very quickly, but in practice testing procedures are time-consuming and in some cases need to coordinate with licensed agencies. That is why the time of expert opinion is intended to replace the goods 24 to 48 hours, but after-sales service will use all their efforts to increase testing and expertise speed, as soon as possible to respond to the honorable buyers.

When the state of goods is determined in the unit of after-sales service, if there is need to refund, the amount will be credited to the account of Iranian buyers up to 48 hours and 7 working days for International buyers. For more information read The money-back guarantee terms carefully.
Criteria and action of company to return the good is viewpoint of technical support specialists and iraMin after-sales service.

You can apply your request by following procedures to the iraMin after-sales service:


Call by this Telephone No: ------- with After-sales service (internal ----).
Or send your message on the page of "Contact Us" to after-sales service.