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This User Agreement states announcements of the User Privacy Notice  and all the laws that have been located on the site. It states accessing ways, using the site, services, applications, tools (which is called services). In this section, a brief review of site terms is posed. All rules, and announcements of the user Privacy Policy have been collected in this agreement. In fact, when you access iraMin site and services and you use them, it means that you have accepted the user agreements "as are" and "as are available".

This User Agreement is a contract between you and IraMin set. Keep in mind that payment or purchase and order registration taking place at any time means the full acceptance of IraMin, all terms and conditions from side of major real and legal users.
Note that this User agreement contains a condition that describes the method's presentation of claims from users and how to deal with them.

Basic Rules

Notice that all IraMin principles and procedures are accordance with the e-commerce laws and consumer rights protection law, the user is obliged to observe them too. If any changes are made in the stipulated laws, IraMin procedures and services in the future, it will be released and updated in this page, and you agree that your continuing use of the site implies acceptance of any future changes.

User or buyer should read all the stipulated rules for each section carefully, because the available rules are not apart on IraMin website and they all have the same sentence and you declare your agreement with all the stated terms in IraMin website by accepting the rules related to this section (User Agreement).

About IraMin

IraMin site is an online shopping that allows users to buy different anything in different types and in different prices and in different forms. Information on pricing, shipping, making the list and other tips are provided in forms of services that such informations are only  relevant guides and user can descide whether to use or not use them. And also  IraMin site may act through a variety of strategies to solve the problems.

IraMin site has supervision as much as possible on the topics such as quality,

authenticity or legality of the goods placed on the website, but in finally it avoids of the quality assurance or if the product is legal or it is not, and will not have any liability for such things. Also, the IraMin site doesn't have any responsibility in cases such as ability of buyers to pay the cost of the product, and completing the purchase by the buyer and also returning the product and its cost. Apart from the exceptions that are mentioned in the page: Rules of returning the goods.

 Definition of Customer or user

The customer or user a person who has registered users information in the registration form, to register an order or to use any services of iraMin .

Use of IraMin

In relation with the use or access to IraMin services, the following actions are not permitted:

Violating or circumventing the third party law, or the site laws or laws related to IraMin user account.

Using of IraMin services when the user is not legally authorized to conclude this contract ((for example, your age (user or buyer) is less than 18 years)). Or being prohibited from using the Site, Services and Programs and tools temporarily or permanently.

 Sending wrong content, inaccurate, misleading or libelous.

 IraMin user account and login details have been transferred to a third party without the consent of IraMin site.

 Releasing malware, using robot software, and spyware or other automated equipment to various destinations intending to access to services or hit the IraMin website infrastructure.

 Spamming malware, unwanted electronic communication or illogical or chain letters.

Interference in service delivery or very heavy pressure on IraMin infrastructure.

 Using executing, displaying, distributing or reversing page of IraMin site or belongs to IraMin services or third-party.

 Commercial use of applications or services related to IraMin.

Collecting informations of users without their permission and without IraMins permission.

Bypassing methods of security measures or limitting that have been used to provide services.

If IraMin understands that the Site is being expolited in any way, it has the right to restrict, suspend or block the account or accounts.

IraMin can also remove or disable unconfirmed accounts or accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

IraMin has the right to end giving services to any person for any reason at any date and disable the account subsequently.

Policies and observing the privacy rules

You have to read User Privacy Notice page carefully because these laws are not separate and you declare your agreement by studying all the stipulated rules for each section.

IraMin considers itself bound by the user Privacy Policy, if you see any violations, please report throgh mentioned communication channels.

Terms of sale

When you purchase a goods you have actually agreed with dedicated rules for buyers. Some of these rules are:

 You have to study the complete list before buying the product.

 The legal ownership of the goods and the their juridical ownership and the trademarks are not transferable to the buyer.

In case of lack of awareness, knowledge and customers inability to use the cosmetics or hygienic products or damaging the product or customer, all the responsibilities are by the customer and can withdraw from the purchase or agree that IraMin has no commitment In this regard.

For more information please read the page related to Allocated Terms for buyer.

pricing policy

IraMin pricing policy is based on the principles of customers focus and respect for consumers rights. The offered prices in IraMin are retail prices that are assigned by manufacturers or suppliers (both cases may also included IraMin too). Those products have been approved and other commodities are determined on the basis of model and specifications, as well as similar products in other markets.

With full respect to the users and according to the wide range of products, IraMin can't announce final price and inventory of goods before pre-ordering definitely. In very rare cases such as fluctuations in the market or pricing errors, if an order is not deliverable, IraMin shall inform it to the ordering person as soon as possible and cancel the order. If an order price reduces after order registering, the order is updated and is new price is applied. The price of all products includes added tax value and customer does not pay a separate amount for the tax and the costs of packing, shipping and insurance, depending on the order conditions in the shop cart are notified , and may be calculated separately.

Buy at the international level:

Many of the IraMin site services may be accepted by international buyers and sending to other parts of the world depends the extent of IraMin site service (by sighting , studying and obtaining awareness of the limitations of goods shipping service to countries, that is  in ,product detail page on "shipping" tab, part in all product detail pages of the site ,users can buy from any place of the world, and for the countries mentioned in product detail page on "shipping" tab, the good will be sent (by full completing the Shipping address) IraMin also has special attention to the development of services at international level.

We offer programs, tools and distinctive experiences to international buyers. Some examples are approximate conversion, local exchange and national shipping calculation tools. Buyers are responsible for compliance with all laws and applicable regulations to the sale, purchase or transportation of goods in the country and international level.

Returns, cancellations and product returning rules

IraMin provides and offers returned products without hassle and with  no fear for buyers, you state your agreement on the return policies without hassle and without our concern.

When an item is rejected, for the reimbursement of costs to the buyer, must be bellowed over steps for more information, carefully read the pages related to Instructions of returning the purchased goods.

When the transaction is canceled, to refund to the buyer some levels must be passed.

Refund act only will be done through PayPal payment and the fund will be transfered to your PayPal account, otherwise with IraMin discretion, bank commissions are deducted from the total refund amount and the rest of it will be transferred to your bank account.

For more information, read the page related to Instructions of returning the purchased goods.


IraMin money-back guarantee

•Full Refund if you don't receive your order

•Full or Partial Refund , if the item is not as described

The process of most IraMin sales is easy, if there is a problem with a purchase, or in the event of cancellation of the order (within a limited time) IraMin money back guarantee gives this opportunity to buyers to interact with us and solve issues and problems. Buyers agreed to obbey the policies let us make the final decision about any of the cases of IraMin money back guarantee.

Transport cost for returned goods is responsibility of  IraMin site except cases that are stated in section related to the Instructions of returning the purchased goods, and the buyer will not pay anything for the return process.

If we suspect to misuse or interfere with the proper functioning of this policy, we may suspend IraMin money-back guarantee without notice to the bully fully or partially.

For more information read the page related to IraMin Money-back guarantee terms.


IraMin does utmost precision and effort in order to provide all its services and to produce content uses original sources and contents as well as the companies of manufacturer's products. It should be noted that IraMin doesn't guarantee that the product descriptions or other materials on the site is free from error. If a product offered by IraMin has any conflicts with the information contained on the site, the only solution is to return the good before using and in initial condition.

IraMin Web does not accept responsibility regarding the removal of the pages of own site or dead links. Site services offer on bases of "as is" and "as available" and site under no circumstances does not accept responsibility for the delay or not functioning the IraMin site that could be caused by natural factors, human resources, Internet problems, breakdown of  computer equipment, telecommunications, etc.

Responsibility Abdicate of commitment, Liability Limitation

We try to make our services safe and work correctly, but we cannot maintain continuous operation of services or guarantee continuous access to our services. It is possible that updates and notifications don't happen in IraMin applications in real-time. This functionalism subject to delay is out of control.

In case of lack of awareness, knowledge and customers inability to use the cosmetics or hygienic products or damaging the product or customer, all the responsibilities are by the customer and IraMin has no commitment In this regard.

For more information please study the page Allocated Terms for buyer.

In this case, you notify your agreement by using our services at your own responsibility, and that we disposal them based on "as is" and "as is available" for you.

Accordingly, to the extent is permitted by applicable law, we exclude all warranties, conditions and expressed or implied terms, but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, including appropriate, particular purpose and non-infringement .

Moreover, we (including main company, subsidiaries, branches and associate offices, and our employees, our managers, and our staff) are not responsible of the extent law permit, and you declare your agreement for our lack of responsibility, for any damage or loss (including but not limited to loss of money, goodwill or reputation, profit or other losses of any religious loss or special loss, indirect or consequential losses) are the result of the following cases directly or indirect are:

        Your inability to use our services

        Delays or dissolution in our service

        Viruses or other malicious software caused by accessing or linking our service

        Any kind of glitches and errors and bugs or errors in our services

        Damages to the hardware device to use any of the IraMin services

        Suspension or other taken actions with regard to your account or breach of misuse of IraMin section


Permit of call with you and call recording

When you use the service and IraMin service, Register your internet order or buy or send email to IraMin, this communication is done electronically, and if your question to comply with all rules and procedures, you consent to received calls or automatic calls of pre-recorded text and text messages from IraMin to any phone number that you have given us, or that we have achieved.

We do this calls and messages for these reasons:

        We inform you about your account

        Solving problems related to your account

        Resolve disputes

        Demanding for debt

        Obtaining feedback from you via surveys or polls

 Contacting you along with offers and promotions, or, if necessary, serving  your account or the implementation of this User Agreement, our policies, applicable law, or any other agreement we have with you. The cost of phone calls and text messages are applied to standard prices.

Note:  IraMin may monitor or record your telephone calls or other actions on your behalf with IraMin or its representatives for quality control of educational purposes or to protect itself without warning and further announcements in its sole discretion.


If the bug was observed when using the site or you had other problems, inform us (or our affiliates companies and subsidiaries companies and the officers, directors, employees and our respective agents or them) in the case of claims, needs and the demands and injuries and losses of every kind and nature known and unknown, arising out of that dispute or in any way related to that (actual and consequential). In doing this informing you limit explicitly of any protection (whether legal or illegal) that cover this notification, only you ignore the claims that you're aware of them or suspected of being in your favor at the time of Agreement on this notification.

Reviews, comments, communications and other contents

IraMin site may contain links to other sites. These sites are not under the IraMin control and IraMin site has no responsibility for the contents of this site, including (but not limited to) other links that may be in this site. IraMin Site has provided these links for your ease and the existence of any of these links does not mean confirmation or any our association with their operators. Web sites linked in propaganda or pages of IraMin site are managed by people out of the IraMin, so IraMin site cannot warranty about them. You agree to undertake  the responsibilities for any loss or probable damage caused by viruses or other malicious files that can be due to the receive and use of data and files belonging to the Linked Sites on IraMin site and declare your agreement with no IraMins responsibility.

Offices and Agencies

IraMin doesn't have any sale and after-sale service agency in any part of the country physically and so on. And all services, financial transactions and provided services are processed by head office and other major offices stated on the IraMin site. If you see any violations of this kind, please report the case for prosecution to the IraMin Public Relations.

Juridical Force

All the guidelines and written rules are applicable in normal conditions and we will try to resolve disagreements  for customer satisfaction with best power, otherwise IraMin managers and staff do not have any responsibility for any issue of Juridical Forces.