Instructions returning the purchased goods

| Instructions of returning the purchased goods |

Instructions of returning the purchased goods from IraMin site

Customers' convenience and satisfaction have always been the IraMin priorities and IraMin is trying any order to reach the consumer in a good and expected condition. Despite this, it is possible respected customers face some cases after the purchase that in such cases some services have been taken into consideration in terms of after-sale services. So in this paper the instructions of returning the purchased goods from the iraMin site and various reasons of returning by customers are explained as well as the essential conditions for the operation.

You can return some items and goods that have been purchased through the site in accordance with the IraMin laws of goods return.

If you have been used same-day delivery method or free delivery method (free in-store pickup) at the time of purchase and IraMin accepts returning the goods, you can return the goods directly. The points that should be followed in time of returning a good have been explained fully below.

The process of returning a goods

It is necessary to obtain information about the iraMin rules concerning the return of goods related to the time of returning the goods and other information, before you take act to request for returning the goods. You can also use the possibility to return the product without cost.

1.1. Steps of returning a good

To return a good for refunding the payment or replacing other goods following steps should be performed:

You can upload the photos related to purchased goods as the necessary documentation to return the goods via e-mail or other methods that will be considered in the future. These photos are visible by IraMin Customer Services. You can send up to a maximum 10 photos by PNG, JPEG, or GIF formats. Note that the size of each photo isn't more than 5 MB. It is worth mentioning,you can send photos until the process of returning the goods hasn't finished. Remember that you can remove the images just by contacting the IraMin customer services.

If approval the claim of the buyer in connection with the Rules "laws of returning the goods" from IraMin, at all stages of the return, the cost of returning goods will be in responsibility of IraMin

After 24 hours of testing time, in case of approval your claim about failure or malfunction, etc., by IraMin teams, the buyer has to reach the goods to IraMin up to 48 hours (48 for national customers and 9 working days for other countries). Also buyer can track the process of goods receipt by IraMin.

IraMin shall return the amount of goods to international customers within 7 working days from date of receiving the returned goods. If you have requested for replacement of goods, the IraMin is obliged to return the goods within 9 to 15 working days from the date of receiving the returned goods, to send the replaced one for you. The time to return the money for Iranian customers is 48 hours, and 3 to 5 working days to send the replaced good.

Important points

Keep in mind the following tips during the process of returning the goods:

1.Choose the request of returning the goods in accordance with the specified time in the part of policies and the rules of returning the goods.

2. The buyer can directly contact with IraMin support parts and perform the necessary steps to return the product in accordance with the done accord.
3. If you have requests to refund the payment you must send goods for IraMin within 9 working days after the date of registering the application and approval of the site in relation to "the rules of returning the goods ".
4. If you have a request of replacing the goods you must send goods within 9 working days after the date of registering the application and approval of the site in relation to "the Rules of returning the goods" for IraMin. Note that sending the returned goods after 9 days, doesn't include the cost of replaced goods and the cost of second good must be paid.

5. Pack the returned good like when it was delivered, and send it for IraMin. For further information refer to the part " laws of returning the goods".

6. If your reason for returning the good is that the sent one does not conform to the listed specifications in the descriptions of IraMin, you will be subjected to the rules of IraMin money-back guarantee and damages will be compensated.

Other reasons for returning the goods

If you want to return a good for other reasons such as changing the opinion, IraMin can deduct the costs that has paid for preparing and putting it on the site from the refund amount to you. In this case, usually the cost of primer transportation will not be returned. For more information about the costs of transportation refer to the part of, laws of returning the goods. You may also have to pay the costs of transportation the returned good.

You can offer for a product replacement in the following conditions:

1. IraMin website has stipulated the possibility of replacing the goods on the list, Rules of returning the goods.

2. Delivered good to the buyer is different from the described good in the sale list or it is received by the customer in damaged or defective form.

3. You have offered your demand to return the product and take alternative goods like the list contents, as well as you have returned the good to Iramin.

Essential tips at the time of applying the replacement goods

While applying to return the original purchased good and receiving the replaced one, you should consider the followings:

1. If the purchased good is not like the described one in the list of selling the goods on IraMin site (for example, a part of the good has been damaged or some parts of it are not available), and you have the demand of returning the original good and replace it, in these circumstances, IraMin must pay the costs of shipping the returned good and also the replaced one.

2. If you return the original good to IraMin but the alternative good hasn't been sent for you by site, the IraMin site will consider this return as refund.

Changing the Goods

Sometimes, IraMin may make it possible for its customers to replace their purchased goods. Process of Replacement means to replace the good with the main purchased good but with a different color or size, as well the premium amount should be done by the buyer subsequently. You have to contact IraMin directly to change the good (such as changing color or size).You can also contact with IraMin via communication pages.

The last approximative date of delivery

When there is no information about the real date of delivery, we use the latest approximative date of delivery. And when there is no information about the latest date of delivery, the product will be delivered in 7 days after payment for Iranian customers and 30 days for International ones.


Misuse and rule breaking cases

1.Selecting an unreal and false reason for returning the goods

2.neglecting the conditions and goods return terms