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IraMin site uses the Security Service SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for security and encryption of user data that can give assurance to users, their data is encrypted by the service to security. For more information about SSL service click here.

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IraMin respects secure information of private persons or companies (real or legal) who use the site service, and protects them by security practices of update technology.

IraMin website is never allowed to sell, rent, transfer, and share the users information to third-party, Web sites or other businesses.

IraMin is committed to protect and defend your privacy and data with maximum power, and is committed in this context, to develope required technology for your more safe and secure use of the site. In fact, you can show your satisfaction of this site and declare your agreement with it and above terms, by using and creating a membership in IraMin site.

All available contents to users through one of the IraMin services are part of the IraMin properties for example: text, graphics, logos, icons, images, video clips, all available files to download and copy, all produced data by IraMin from zero to one hundred content and the right to use and publish all available content is in IraMin site monopoly and by any use without written permission, the right to prosecute is reserved for IraMin site. In addition, scripts and service names are presentable through each provided service by the IraMin site and registered trademarks are the IraMin site monopoly and any use for commercial purposes have the reserved right to prosecute for IraMin site. Users are allowed to use contraception and use the list of products, technical specifications, prices and any use of derivatives of IraMin website or services or content, download or copy the information for commercial purposes, etc., any use of data mining, robots, or similar data collection methods and content and extraction tools and all rights are reserved for IraMin website openly. If you use any of the IraMin services, while IraMin site uses encryption methods on users data such as SSL, the users are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and account, and all responsibility of activities that are done under the user account or password , are the responsibilities of Legal and real users.

The legal age to buy or other various uses on the IraMin website is top of 18, and since IraMin site sells suitable products for persons under 18 years, these users must inform their parents or legal guardian, to buy and pay.

Only official approved reference to our relationship with you, is the official database of this website and the official blog We have no other way but to send a letter through the approved and the official addresses on the site or we do not contact you by valid numbers available on the website. IraMin web site address doesn't have any website other than and "

Users can communicate with us, only by using the mentioned lists and valid addresses.

Note: If the privacy terms and conditions changes, they will be updated on this page that you can declare your agreement with future accomplished in continued use of the site.


We protect users' information by using the technical security and administrative measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and also we have limited access to informations by using certain safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, controlling physical access to data centers, and IraMin website license is required to access the above instances. If you think, your account has been hacked or compromised, please contact us at the contact section.

Users are allowed to preserve their email, password, security question, and user name, because they will be required at necessary time. 

Suggestions and complaints


If you have any complaint about the privacy policies of IraMin site you can let us know or if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us.