Terms for buyer

| Allocated Terms for buyer |

Terms of sale, registration, processing and shipping                                                        You have to read the list completely before buying the goods.                               Executive ownership of the goods and the trademarks are not transferable to the buyer.

All recorded orders are processed during the workdays and the first day after the holidays. This means that if you buy and register order on the weekend holidays, the process of packing and delivery to the post are done after the holidays (except during certain times that the site is able to service) and holidays and intended days will not be calculated for delivery.

IraMin gives possibility to its customers to order in 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

All registered orders in IraMin site via email and automatically sends the order code and pre-invoice to your email and your order will be placed in the processing queue.

IraMin endeavors and has extreme precision in sending and delivery of all recorded orders constantly. However, if the product inventory finishes in IraMin, even after the customer's ordering, the right of canceling the order or refunding it, is reserved for IraMin or the customer can replace another product instead of the finished one. Also in case of problem outbreaking with the final processing of the buying cart like inventory finishing or customers' cancellation, the paid amount will be credited to international customer accounts within 7 to 9 working days and within 48 hours for Iranian customers.

IraMin is permitted without early notice toward stopping new ordering, to stop their sales and all recorded orders are processed and transmitted before ordering stop. The right to discontinue the sale is reserved for IraMin for all or part of the products for any reason, such as the finishing the inventory without early notice.

Users should complete their order form with correct information and thoroughly while ordering desired product form. Obviously, user's order will not track and will not be delivered if incomplete or inaccurate data is entered. Customers can enter name, address and phone of someone else to pick up the order and if the amount order has been paid before, the taker must have an ID card to receive the goods.

Due to the order registration systematically, there aren't possibility of re-invoicing or changing its properties, including changing the legal invoice to real invoice. Therefore, the customers should have needed attention while registering the order, if they need , the legal invoice is issued for them, and in time of registering their order, they can select "complete legal information "option  and enter the profiles of a desirable organization, and enterprise  for organizational buy and receive their official invoice.

Damage during Transportation

IraMin always do their best effort to ensure that all orders achieve to customers with best accuracy and no damage. According to standard and safe packing of all items, delivering to each reputable transport company is by the user choosing and with declaring bill of lading (insert in the cart and notification via short message service) means that any incident during transport and delivery is the commitment of the shipping company and only if the shipping company approves, IraMin compensates the damage to facilitate the pursuit of order.

Damages caused by transport must be notified to IraMin after-sales service within 24 hours after taking the order and damaged goods along with the official minutes and all facilities and invoice are sent to IraMin after-sales service.
For more information about this case refer back to page "IraMin rules of product return".


IraMin 9-day test Service
 In order to create value-added services, IraMin with cooperation of all its suppliers have  created this possibility that all the goods which need to be tested (such as mobiles, laptops or tablets) have the opportunity of being tested until 9 days after delivery, and any technical problem in the device includes changing service unconditionally and beyond the product warranty service. It should be noted that due to the expansion of product groups on the IraMin website, all products that must be health physically to deliver to the consumer (such as books and media products and toys groups or consumer goods such as cartridges and printer ink) have physical health warranty and are not subject to 9 days testing and returning the goods.

It should be noted that the notified defects by the customer will be checked and verified by IraMin after-sales service experts and if there is a technical fault, the product is been subject to use of above service. Also, this service is not included technical forms of wrong use of the product.

Physical damages arising from shipping will not be included in the use of this service and for more information read about the condition related to damage during shipping.

 To use the IraMin 9-day exchange guarantee service, note that the product is well packaged, and accessories and the invoice are sent completely.

If the returned product isn't received in its original condition by IraMin, there is no possibility of servicing and the product is out of changing condition.

If inventory of damaged goods is finished in IraMin, and IraMin hasn't possibility to replace it , the amount of good will be refunded to the buyer's account and volatility of the price will not  cause reduce or increase of the amount.

For more information, visit the page of rules for goods returning on IraMin.

Terms and responsibilities related to the sale of cosmetic and hygienic and nutrient products

Information of any cosmetic and hygienic products on the IraMin website is purely for information and has no advice aspect. Buyer must receive professional information and advice from experts before using cosmetics, hygienics and nutrient products.

 Also, member comments on the product's website or other sites are their personal experience or informations and do not create responsibility for them and IraMin. Also IraMin hasn't responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on the product packaging, and its responsibility is by the commodity of manufacturer.

In case of lack of awareness, knowledge and customers inability to use the cosmetics or hygienic products and damaging the product or customer, all the responsibilities are by the customer and can withdraw from the purchase or agree that IraMin has no commitment in this regard.


If approving of defective product by the Supplier Company or Producer Company, IraMin only returns the cost of product or service to the customer according to the invoice (up to one month after its date).
 IraMin hasn't responsibility and accountability to physical symptoms and diseases caused by the use of cosmetic products (such as skin reactions, injuries, etc.). You also declare your agreement to carry out the necessary follow-up by the buyer (customer), and must be done through the related companies (agents and official Suppliers of